20 years of commitment and know-how to guarantee an unequalled quality !

Twenty years it is the age of the maturity.

Present on the Tunisian market since December 8th, 1998, the mark Vitalait, produced by the dairy Power plant of Mahdia, had only a single creed the quality yet the quality and still the quality yet.

The dairy Power plant of Mahdia was created at the initiative of his founder M. Ali Klebi agricultural engineer veteran of the Tunisian food-processing industry, which wanted to create a mark of milk worried about the health and about the good to be Tunisian consumers, and integrated into the local and regional fabric.

Much progress has been made since the first stone laid in the Mahdia region on a small plot. The CLM has grown from a small company with 60 employees to over 800, from a unique activity: milk and butter production to a wide range of products (Milk, butter, lben, raieb, fresh cream, dessert, yogurt, drinkable yogurt, dessert, milk drink and fresh cheese).

Receipt of raw milk has increased more than tenfold in 20 years from less than 20 million in 1999 to more than 200 million litres in 2018, bringing us to more than 2 billion litres of raw milk received since the company’s inception.

Today Vitalait is a solid challenger recognized on the market of dairy products that has developed its distribution with in particular at its disposal more than 170 trucks that cover the entire Tunisian territory.

Vitalait has also always been able to reinvent itself and cope with market developments, notably by innovating in high-potential segments such as 0% yogurt.

The secret of Vitalait’s ascent is in the first place: the quality, assures Mr. Ali Klebi the CEO of the company and this quality goes through several steps: the control of the raw material, the careful preparation of the product, and the quality plan that includes up to 40 tests and control for a given product. All this would obviously not be possible without the commitment and involvement of our managers and employees. This enabled us to obtain HACCP certification in 2006 and ISO 22000 in 2014, which we regularly renew»

Thanks to its reputation for quality and transparency, Vitalait has succeeded in developing international partnerships. In 2011, it saw the entry into its capital of the Kaiku Group, the Spanish number two in the high-end segment of milk processing, and part of the Emmi Group, Switzerland’s leading dairy group and one of Europe’s most innovative high-end dairy products manufacturers.

Vitalait is also a state of mind made of respect and benevolence that includes not only its employees but also all its partners (distributors, suppliers, dairy producers, administrations, etc.). “We enter into any relationship in a win-win spirit, with the goal of mutual development and a long-term relationship,” says Moez Klebi, CEO of the CLM. “

On the occasion of the anniversary of its 20th anniversary, the Society is putting the small dishes in the big ones to mark this event with a white stone. For the occasion, employees, partners, dairy producers, suppliers and distributors meet on December 08 at its factory in Mahdia. The opportunity for the company to enjoy its success, but also to pay tribute to a capable, dedicated and disciplined team that has always given itself the best of itself-even to set the bar very high and achieve accordingly the expected objectives.

But Vitalait won’t stop there. The company, which is full of ambition, intends to carry out future projects, while being close to the local social fabric.

The CLM, which is already sponsoring a number of local cultural and charitable associations, plans to create its own “Vitalait Foundation” foundation, which will be created in early 2019.

With a budget of 500 thousand DT per year. The Vitalait Foundation has already set its objectives and lines of action. Among them the upgrading of the farm (barn, livestock conditions and training for better productivity and safety), the improvement of working conditions for rural women (water supply, milking machine, small equipment, etc.), support for the schooling of children of small producers in need (school supplies, transportation, etc.).

In the end, Vitalait can be summarized as follows: Passion for quality, kindness in its relations with its partners, and closeness to the local fabric. Happy anniversary and good continuation to this jewel of the Tunisian agri-food industry!